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What data is used?

The data provided by the askCUE PI service is obtained by a search of the CUE PI database.

The Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE) database is the UK general insurance industry claims register managed by Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) on behalf of its subscribers. These include all major insurers and many self-insured organisations which means that the data held on CUE is provided by 97% of the insurance industry. CUE data is available for motor, home and personal injury (PI) records.

CUE PI is a central record of personal injury / industrial illness records reported to insurers or other compensators which may or may not give rise to a claim. There are currently in excess of 10.5 million personal injury records held on the database that have been loaded by CUE subscribers. The database is constantly being updated with around 88,000 updates being made every month.

askCUE PI has been introduced to help Claimant Solicitors to detect fraud before a claim is submitted. For motor PI claims submitted on Claims Portal, the Civil Procedure Rules mandate that a search is done prior to submission of the claim. A claimant solicitor can now check the same CUE PI database used by insurers to immediately indicate any discrepancy between the information that has been provided by the Claimant against the records held on CUE PI.

It is important to appreciate that there are reasons why the number of records returned by the search may be less than expected for any given case. As explained above, whilst the vast majority of insurers are contributors to the CUE PI database, the coverage is not 100%. In addition, some records do not contain sufficient information to match against search criteria.

MIB continues to work hard to improve the quality and consistency of data that it receives from contributing members.

More information on the CUE database can be found on theĀ MIB website